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~Jesse and Holly~

The older I become the more and more that I realize the depth of conviction I own in being a photographer. As photographers, we are image bearers, I can’t tell how my soul honors this beautiful and sacred gift. I have become reserved in sharing images and sometimes it literally takes me a year to ever share. I am finally allowing myself to feel why….Being trusted to reflect WHO a person is, is so deep and raw. Being trusted to bear the image of who two souls are together, so much glory. I love wild and strong and I am full of emotions when it comes to showing “you” the image of another person or persons. It means everything to me to tell you you the truth about these beautiful people that I have SEEN. HEARD. PARTAKEN OF. It feels as if trying to tell you the veins of a persons soul without words. I pray that I will always be a loyal and true image bearer of those that trust me and that they will be given the gift of seeing their own beauty and love and depth.

Jesse and Holly are so beautiful, to say that I enjoyed them is an understatement. They are real and honest and totally free to show emotional and their bond..they are breathtaking. Jesse and Holly are getting married next June and I take the most sincere and humble honor to be the one to capture their union. My prayer for them is that they will be the anchors of safety and unconditional love for one another in a world that can sting. I pray that they will bear the image of god to one another for a lifetime as they become more and more like Him.

Jesse and Holly,

Keep your love on. You will face pain and fear and heartache. Stay on the same side of the fence. Never let offense build the walls that tension are the pillars of. Be brave and sacrifice your ability to argue your way and right over things that don’t matter. Be awake and alive in all the moments. Study one another forever. Don’t be lazy in love, even when the years grow, be it in weight or time. Be extravagant in grace and love mercy. Feel your feelings, share your thoughts and emotions. Don’t live alone under the same roof. Purpose to bond ever single day. Be available. Learn each others eyes and be able to read everything without words. Never hide. Always show up. If it takes conflict to find intimacy….fight it out, but land together. Commit to see each grow and be fulfilled. Laugh, Cry. Share all of your fears, let each in to all of the wakes and waves of your heart life. Be a forever friend, the safest place. Listen. Hold hands. Kiss with all of you. Lay down the things that don’t matter and do everything that you will regret not doing. Be free. I love you both. See you in June for all the glory!




Arrow had her cousin come home with us for a week this summer and it was so sweet to watch them be children together. They made me remember innocence and a pure mind and heart as they walked through our gardens together,

I am thankful for remembering.



elizabeth pelletteJuly 23, 2015 - 5:55 pm

Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhh… Melinda.. these are just breathtaking.. I have no words.. it reminds me of my summers as a kid just being free.. things were so much simpler then.. these will be cherished forever

ShelleyJuly 27, 2015 - 12:52 am

LOVE these! They are beautiful!


I feel as I am always trying to remember, even trying to remember to remember. It burdens me. I feel so afraid of everything slipping through my fingers without my heart ever truly connecting in a way that bears an imprint of time, space and memory. I fear forgetting, or more so, not obtaining the pleasure of savoring. I look toward my future and fear the regret of letting these days drift away without being absorbed fully into the bedrock of my soul, because I know these days are moving past me; every year as I put the “too littles” of children garments and shoes in bags to carry away forever, I hear it all whispering and breathing into my mind and heart, it all passing. It will not remain. His and my new lines of life and worries, weights and loves….they all tell me, something is passing by.  It is so difficult  to live in the moment when you feel the “youth” of your and their life sprinting on as you are desperately trying to cling and REMAIN. In each beginning, I sense an inevitable end.  I am watching my children change and grow up into new stages of life, all while I still have a baby and toddler… Beginnings and Endings and all in between.  I am feeling some of the weariness of the physical demands of parenting…and it all points to one thing, these days will not remain, nor will my body, nor will theirs. …. So what comfort and hope can I have facing this hard and real truth that we all own. There are some things that remain. I must lift my head and my eyes….

I can REMAIN IN HIM, He will REMAIN in me.




If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.~John 15:7

Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.~John 15:4

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.~1corinthians13:13

Nothing has made me press so deeply into my faith and eternal LOVE as marriage, parenting and the fleeting of days with my loves. These days will pass and end, I have seen in in the vessell of my beloved mother. I have AN ANCHOR FOR MY SOUL. I have HIS WORD.

****here our some pictures from our latest mountain adventure….Im holding on to these days of children. Little boys and little girls…hands, lips and voices. The good and the bad****