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*Exciting News*  Im am offering a three week online interactive course/ workshop and it is going to be AMAZING and I want you there!

Registration is now open and closes MAY 20TH

I believe with all of my heart that the life gift of creation dwells inherently in every one of us. I believe that there SO many of you creatives out there that just can’t seem to take the first step into your journey or you are paralyzed in the midst of it…for reasons varying from unworthiness, fear, lack of clarity and creative oppression. My passion is to pull you up an out of the fog and debilitating trenches, fill and equip you with TRUTH and clarity…. that YOU belong to this creative story and that YOUR creative offering and voice have a home. Come on and let’s BRAVE the WILD of your unique journey together. This course will give your more than tools and insight…but an an awakening, empowering and liberation to show up for your creative journey. I believe that you will find the deepest passion and sense of purpose as you learn to partner with your true self and begin to flourish in your authentic gifts of creation. This course is both driven for photography and creative writing. Come on and lets get to the business of creating audaciously without borders and with complete abandon!
I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU THERE…..we will never be the same, I promise! Yay!!

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