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It is amazing to have family that are friends. Carlie is Russell’s niece and we all adore her to say the least. I can’t believe she is a senior this year and that she is basically a woman. She is wild and free and passionately true. An old, young soul. A deep well and a […]

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~Jesse and Holly~

The older I become the more and more that I realize the depth of conviction I own in being a photographer. As photographers, we are image bearers, I can’t tell how my soul honors this beautiful and sacred gift. I have become reserved in sharing images and sometimes it literally takes me a year to […]

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Arrow had her cousin come home with us for a week this summer and it was so sweet to watch them be children together. They made me remember innocence and a pure mind and heart as they walked through our gardens together, I am thankful for remembering.  

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