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I am thrilled that you are here and that you are even THINKING about a mentorship enough to click this link!

I believe in divine providence and I believe that you are here for a reason and that this stop is part of your JOURNEY!.. YAY!!!

There is nothing that I would love more than to partner beside you, your heart and your journey to help you embrace your creative path and authentic expression.

I believe that art stems from a true and viable connection to the creator himself….along with a real experience of awakening and redemption from all things that would stifle free expression.

My role as your mentor would be to invest my heart and soul into your flourishing creatively and to help guide you into an awareness that will shift EVERYTHING in your heart from priorities to pursuits, all in the purpose of moving you into a place of authentic creation!

Lets get real. Lets get intimate. Lets dig down deep and dive into the wild and majestic. Lets face some of the giants, TOGETHER and lets taste the reward!

*Online Mentorships are  four weeks in duration and include: portfolio reviews/A LOT of honest and vulnerable communication/ weekly Skype sessions/vision establishment and goal planning

/photographic challenges and creative excercises

* I will be available to you through out the span of your mentorship to communicate , answer questions and give feedback via email.

* mentorships are tailored for your specific and UNIQUE need and desires, please contact with any personal questions you may have concerning mentorships!


You are a person, not a problem and therefore all mentorships  vary  to suit and ignite your creative instinct.

There is no formula for being liberated and set in motion to create authentically..be prepared to be seen, heard and known through your mentorship and best of all be prepared to be set free into Braving the Wild of your creative journey!

Four Week Mentorship Fee~ $800

I would be honored to have to the opportunity to get along side of you and help you believe the truth, that you are part of this great story!



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