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I feel as I am always trying to remember, even trying to remember to remember. It burdens me. I feel so afraid of everything slipping through my fingers without my heart ever truly connecting in a way that bears an imprint of time, space and memory. I fear forgetting, or more so, not obtaining the pleasure of savoring. I look toward my future and fear the regret of letting these days drift away without being absorbed fully into the bedrock of my soul, because I know these days are moving past me; every year as I put the “too littles” of children garments and shoes in bags to carry away forever, I hear it all whispering and breathing into my mind and heart, it all passing. It will not remain. His and my new lines of life and worries, weights and loves….they all tell me, something is passing by.  It is so difficult  to live in the moment when you feel the “youth” of your and their life sprinting on as you are desperately trying to cling and REMAIN. In each beginning, I sense an inevitable end.  I am watching my children change and grow up into new stages of life, all while I still have a baby and toddler… Beginnings and Endings and all in between.  I am feeling some of the weariness of the physical demands of parenting…and it all points to one thing, these days will not remain, nor will my body, nor will theirs. …. So what comfort and hope can I have facing this hard and real truth that we all own. There are some things that remain. I must lift my head and my eyes….

I can REMAIN IN HIM, He will REMAIN in me.




If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.~John 15:7

Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.~John 15:4

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.~1corinthians13:13

Nothing has made me press so deeply into my faith and eternal LOVE as marriage, parenting and the fleeting of days with my loves. These days will pass and end, I have seen in in the vessell of my beloved mother. I have AN ANCHOR FOR MY SOUL. I have HIS WORD.

****here our some pictures from our latest mountain adventure….Im holding on to these days of children. Little boys and little girls…hands, lips and voices. The good and the bad****




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I believe with all of my heart that the life gift of creation dwells inherently in every one of us. I believe that there SO many of you creatives out there that just can’t seem to take the first step into your journey or you are paralyzed in the midst of it…for reasons varying from unworthiness, fear, lack of clarity and creative oppression. My passion is to pull you up an out of the fog and debilitating trenches, fill and equip you with TRUTH and clarity…. that YOU belong to this creative story and that YOUR creative offering and voice have a home. Come on and let’s BRAVE the WILD of your unique journey together. This course will give your more than tools and insight…but an an awakening, empowering and liberation to show up for your creative journey. I believe that you will find the deepest passion and sense of purpose as you learn to partner with your true self and begin to flourish in your authentic gifts of creation. This course is both driven for photography and creative writing. Come on and lets get to the business of creating audaciously without borders and with complete abandon!
I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU THERE…..we will never be the same, I promise! Yay!!

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~Ruling & Reigning~

Today was one of those…heavy. heartbreaking.confusing. Beloved friends of ours found out recently that their seventh child , one year old , Loveth has Retinoblastoma. They, along with us have been petitioning the throne of grace for mercies and healing, healing that would allow Loveth to keep her eye. At 7:45 this morning precious baby Loveth had her eye removed. There really aren’t words to grasp onto the kind of emotion that a parent must endure to be so helpless as your flesh and blood, darling daughter undergoes such a thing. Heaviness, to say the least. When I had not heard from her this morning, I left a text saying, “I love you”….her response was, ” I am more than heavy, but I still choose to trust Him”. As I have been processing this today and carrying the burden with my dear sister I have been through so many emotions, as other times I haven’t seen healing on this earth. It is hard, really hard to find a place to put all of these life experiences that just don’t seem to line up..and leave us in a humbled and painful silence. It is hard, ONLY hard. We all experience our heartaches, losses and crushing of things we hold dear. Right? of course. God. God, where how can we endure these things and and not falter on the side of either pretending they don’t exist or living inside the hopelessness of an unquenchable and debilitating anger? I don’t really know….but I can tell you that the grace that carried me today was the perspective of eternity, just as it did when I suddenly lost my mother.


Eternity…that endless forever. That real unseen, that perhaps is more than the now and the here and that pain. That burning pain. That eternal forever that we will Rule and Reign, the all never-ending always where no darkness of hell or world dare tether to. That promise of morning light that never wanes into fading, where tears and half ways are dead to all living. That conquering victory…that FINAL BEGINNING into all things right and good that evaded some of the now time. Forever ours…to be. ~RULING and REIGNING ~ kings and queens9W1A3447